Knitwear manufacturer

We have been producing knitwear for over 12 years

Full production cycle - from concept to shipping

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the director of 'Bonadi' LLC

Anastasia Pestis,the director of “Bonadi” LLC

Sustainable manufacturing

We produce high quality knitwear under socially and environmentally compatible conditions

Fast fashion

We produce small batches in short time

Individualized approach

We provide a personal manager for effective and efficient communication

Our capabilities

16flat knitting machines

3, 5, 7, 12equipment gauges

Over 12000pcs per month
productive capacity

Photos of machinery and equipment Photos of machinery and equipment Photos of machinery and equipment Photos of machinery and equipment

Our production team

Textile engineers

3 textile engineers

Textile designers

3 textile designers

Knitting workshop

17 people at the knitting workshop

Sewing workshop

29 people at the sewing workshop

Our strengths

Knitwear collections full development cycle from concept to shipping

Women’s, men’s and children’s patterns and design of any level of complexity

We use modern and recycled types of yarns from leading manufactures. All yarns are certified

Sample design within 3-5 days

Delivery to EU within 2-5 days

The factory is located in Belarus (Eastern Europe) on the border with EU

Product quality

Check out our samples in the PDF catalog

Our responsibilities

Towards the environment

  • The environment and the considerate use of resources play an important role in all corporate decisions.
  • We continuously optimize the whole production chain to ensure efficient water and energy use, to reduce waste.
  • Each year we provide more products made with sustainable materials.

Towards the society

  • We support people involved in manufacturing process caring about their health, ensuring decent working conditions and fair wages.
  • Our relationships with customers are very important to us. We offer best quality products for competitive value.


  • We are aimed to build trusting relationships with customers. Our clients are aware of up to date information on every production stage.
  • We comply with the local legislation in the field of environmental friendliness of production as well as occupational safety and health


Do you have product certificates?

Yes, all products, like yarn, undergo mandatory certification.

How can you guarantee the quality?

At all production stages each product unit undergoes strict quality control for compliance with the terms of reference (TOR). Each client is protected from defects by the terms of the contract.

What is the cost of producing samples?

We do not charge a fee for the production of samples, provided that an order was placed.

What are the lead times for a minimum batch?

Starting from 2 weeks. Depending on yarn availability at the factory or from the supplier.

What are the payment terms for an order?

Prepayment is 50%, the rest is paid before dispatch.

Can I order knitwear pattern design with no terms of reference?

Yes, we can develop ToR ourselves and knit a sample matching your request.

What are the main stages of cooperation?

Cooperation begins with a discussion of TOR or a customer’s sketch with a list of available options for raw materials, work execution, etc. Next, we determine the volume of the batch, deadlines and terms of cooperation. Then we knit a sample and obtain approval from the customer. Once the contract is signed, the production of a batch starts, followed by its dispatch.

What are the shipping terms?

We ship worldwide. Shipping to Moscow is free.

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